Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year.

 Doing a quick search for a purse sized calendar to print out I was very happy and surprised to find many things for free, This is just one blog I was impressed with. 
I am having a fun restful day today.

Happy New Year.

Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year. Love what you do, and Do what you Love, My Motto for this year. The White Ranger Costume was not done in time so the next thing was to fix up these store bought costumes. Adding closures to the backs of the costumes and zippers to the fronts and back pieces to costumes. Good news they were done in time for the New Years Party in the City!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sewing and Knitting.

 These are what I am making for Christmas next year, Christmas baubles, a few at a time whenever the spirit takes me, this is what I have been working on the past few days.
Yesterday and today I am working on Laundry bags and bags for the Angels for the Forgotten Charity.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

 Take time out to look at the sky and dream a little once in a while.

Monday, December 23, 2013

What I Am Making Today.

 Decorations being made.
 This is an Idea I came up with. This one is the prototype made out of fake leather.
I call it a Pick Pocket. It is a holder for your pick that goes onto your key ring. Now to look for some real leather and an eyelet.


Caught in the act! Cheeky girls helping themselves.

Something For Me.

I bought something for myself and it arrived today, I am very happy with how they look. Using a $20 voucher from Vistaprint I got the cards and mug for free, just paid for postage. I am very happy how they turned out and the mug will be going to club each month in the mug bag I won last year.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Balls

 This is Tilli and Meggies' Christmas gifts. Fluffy knitted Christmas balls.
This is the balls I am using for the centre. They are 18 cm round and cheap! $6 on ebay for 100 balls, light weight hollow plastic for play pits. I am using them for next years thank you gifts. Some will be knitted, some crochet and some with fabric and felt. Some will have embroidered and cross stitch panels too.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Trees and Teddy.

 Sorting out the bits for the Christmas Tree, Tilli having fun in the boxes. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.
 The tree is up! Can you see Meggie?
Look at this lovely teddy.

 I moved him here so that I can see him. After giving presents to the staff in Spotlight and as I was about to leave, One of the lovely staff members called me back and gave me this really lovely teddy. How wonderful and totally unexpected. I thanked them as said I will enjoy him for a few days and get some picture with him and I will then put him under the K Mart Wishing Tree for some child to cherish. (he is so soft and cuddly).
This is the dining room table.
I have also put a wreath on the front door, but that is a picture for another day.

Spotlight Gifts.

This afternoon I will be going to visit Spotlight to hand out their little Thank you gifts.

More decorations Made.

 More decorations made. These lovely angels are brooches that had on the front, It's a Girl, and It's a Boy on them. I just printed on fabric Merry Christmas and hot glued over the original words.
Last night/this mornings work. Now I am off to do some weeding for a friend before the hot weather sets in. Just for an Idea, because they are wire I found I could just give it a little pull and they became ovals then I could add the longer middle pendants.

Op Shopping.

 This is what I have bought today, these little bags of beads and necklaces to turn into Christmas decorations. I have one more stop to make and give them out and that is to all the staff at Spotlight. I have made a couple already using the findings of today.
 Another op shop today I found these, an Aussie handkerchief I will fussy cut and will be able to make 5 blocks with, and two linen T towels I will pass on to a quilter to be incorporated into a quilt.
 A lovely knitting book for my library and some lovely yarn for the cord for laundry bags.
NOTYQ this is their link, http://notyq.blogspot.com.au/ a wonderful group of talented caring and sharing people that my friend Melody belongs too recently had a major fundraising event to raise money for their charity quilt making supplies and Melody bought this lot on my behalf.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day Out.

 More Christmas makes. I made them to hand out today as little thank you gifts for the people in the op shops we will be going to today.
 In Watsonia we saw yarn bombing.
 so much fun!

 Look at this lovely fox.
 and his feet.
 and the following heads were in a glasses store, Love them! Pipe cleaner hair!

I hope you have had a fun day today.

ACDA Christmas Party.

 On Saturday we had out ACDA Christmas party, this is the dessert table, (I forgot to take a picture of the main foods, but believe me when I tell you there was a lot of different choices and they were delicious!
 Every year we do a Pin cushion and a Christmas tree decoration swap. This year we were given ticket numbers to choose which one we wanted and we were called out in random number. The top row is the pin cushions and the bottom one is the Christmas decorations.
 The dolls and things on the top Show and Tell table are the challenge dolls, the theme Christmas, and the dolls on the bottom are the Doll of the Month winners. First a vote was made for the Doll of the Month challenge dolls and the winner of this month went and joined the bottom row to then be voted on for the Doll of the Year.
 These are the pin cushions, every year we are amazed at how many different ones there are.
This is the Christmas decoration swaps. To know more about our cloth doll club go here.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Year in Pictures.

This is just a quick look at this years charity makes and finds, gifts and fun projects this year. Over 500 laundry bags, fabric passed on to quilters for 5 quilts, reams and reams of cord made, brooches to hand out, toys and things for the Angels for the Forgotten charity, 150 dresses for the Dress a Girl Around the World charity, heaps of quilts for the PNG quilts, Stuff made for the school, Thank you gifts, Christmas decorations and table decorations made from recycled products, Knitted scarves and hats for charity, gollies and knitted toys for a friend, I won a sewing machine and have had parcels of fabric sent to me and given to me for charity makes. My Crafternooners have been a lot of fun. All in all my craft life has been great. Thank you to all my readers and supporters, I love you all!

Angels For The Forgotten Charity

 Meet Reggie, I made him yesterday for the Angels for the Forgotten Charity.
He is a great pattern to use, the instructions are great and this is the link.
This is the group shot. They will all be going today along with all the other bits and pieces I have put together collected this month. All the patterns I have used have super instructions and easy to follow. I can say I am a big fan of polar fleece for toys now.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Parcel Arrived.

 Look at what arrived today, this Australian post box size 405mm x 300mm x255mm post box crammed with the most delicious polar fleece fabrics and 2 Christmas cotton panels.
It cost her a fortune to post as you can imagine.
All from a wonderful bloggy friend who is just as passionate as I am about charity. I can see some wonderful toys being made with this lot and the panels will be made into draw string bags for the Angels for the Forgotten charity.
Thank you so much Maria, You are an angel. Watch this space!