Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Play Props and Things

Peter Pan hat. Made in green felt and doubled so that it is lined.
Finished hat. The feather will be added in later when the hat is on the child to get it in the correct position.
Corn tunic, one of 25 with a self coloured belt.
Pirate Captains hat in the making. I used some felt for drafting, and I used the measurements of a straw hat to do it. The final hat will be in doubled black felt with the gold trim to match the cape and it will have a large white feather in the hat. I am waiting on supplies for that.
Captains Tricorn hat in the making.
These are boot covers. The Captain will have gumboots and these go on the top edge and will be double sided taped on. Theywill have holes punched in the back and laces added. They will give the illusion of being turn back cuffs.