Monday, January 4, 2016

Back Of Quilt.

This is how the back of the quilt will look. The fabric in the centre will be the sashings. I will quilt all the blocks first. Add the appliques and then cut to size and sew together. The binding will be in red as that is on both sides of the quilt.

Next Aussie Hero Quilt

This next Aussie Hero request quilt is Loves coffee, has no hobbies but loves working on the planes. With little to go on, not knowing the type of planes, I found this small amount of plane fabric. I then went in search of coffee related pictures on the internet and came up with these. These will be turned into appliques using the plane fabric and sashings.

Kitties And Cards.

This morning I have been making cards for Aussie Heroes. I have photo shopped out my address. The font I have used is one that I made myself using my own handwriting. A Great idea, this is the link, Money well spent.

 This is Meggie this morning, At the foot of the bed using the foot board as a chin rest. Meggie LOVES a good chin rest!

Tilli in her favourite place in the garden. She loves to sit underneath the Umbrella plant. This is a huge plant. A house warming gift many many years ago.