Monday, June 22, 2015

Doll Making.

I have been asked to make a doll for a school in NSW. A Captain Cook doll to be exact. Readers of my blog will recognise the pink wool fabric on the right. I have dyed a piece for his costume in navy blue and shocked it in hot and then cold water several times to change the feel of it. It is much stiffer now and will hold its shape nicely to represent a heavy wool look. The gold ric rac braid from my stash can be very carefuly straighten out. As payment I will be asking for a Spotlight card for the cost of the postage for the doll. My time and materials for schools I give freely.

Something Different.

 My son and nephew are going to Comicon, They adore all things like dressing up and Superheroes etc. One of the things I am going to make is this. A holster for a gun. It will like this.
I went and bought a bag from the op shop for $3. I will be using the straps and fasteners as well as the bag to make the holder out of and bias bind it.

 But that is not all! I have been asked buy my lovely nephew to re cover a couch with Spiderman fabric! All this in 3 weeks. That is all the time I have given myself to be away from Aussie Hero stuff.