Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Competitions, Kitties and Quilts.

 I won a $50 gift voucher from a Spoonful of Sugar! How cool is that! I have already spent it on fabrics, machine needles and interfacing, I will show you them when they arrive, as usual they will be made for charity.
This is their link.
 I also won another prize!
A huge stack of tumbler blocks in many many colours, Don't you love the creative packaging!
This was from a wonderful blogger who makes the most incredible quilts, one of my inspirational places to visit, she makes many quilts for many different causes and the volume of her work is incredible, this is her blog.
 I have been busy making cards to go with the laundry bags. Each laundry bag has a little gift pack to go with it. I have made my own post cards using photo paper, each pack gets 3 of these, a card with my details and a written note to thank them for what they do with a little bit about myself, an emery board a wrapped pen and a plain envelope with writing paper and some moist towelettes.
 They are then placed in a plastic bag and popped into the laundry bag.
 This was Tilli, I love how she in her sleep still talks, it is so very very cute.
 Playing with block Ideas, This quilt is for an Aussie Hero based on the Philippine flag. It will have yellow stars appliqued later when I am happy with the layout.
 It is fun just to move them around and see the patterns that it produces,
 Still playing,
More playing. I think I may be doing this for a little while longer before I decide what to do.