Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dress Ups

At 9pm last night my son Jonno and his girlfriend Renee, came round and asked me if i could help them with some dress ups for a housewarming party for today. I am always up for a challenge, so at Midday today, Renee came with all her fabrics for some Sushi Prawns.
I used freezer paper to draw up a pattern, used her ribbon for stripes, sewed them up and Renee stuffed them with my fiberfill. Next came the waistband that has velcro strips on the ends, and Renee made her head band. Last but not least, Jonno has some chop sticks in his hair. We stopped off and Jonno came home with lunch of grilled fish and chips, and we stopped for a break at 2pm. Half an hour later we were back at it, and finished at around 4.30pm. I have just finished cleaning up and now it is 6.30pm. Time for dinner, Jonno and Renee went to go and get ready for their housewarming party. A Great Day!
Click on either picture to get a collage of the way it was made.