Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Playing.

 This afternoon as I stopped for lunch I came to the realization that all work and no play makes for dull reading.
 So I looked for something else to sew.
 I came across these 27 little fabric squares so I sewed them into these 9 patch blocks.

That I then cut into half vertically.
 Then half again diagonally

Switched them around.
Another choice. I have no idea what it will look like when I have finished or how I will use it but I am having fun.

Laundry Bag Lining Fabric.

A couple of days ago I bought a roll of fabric from Savers in Mill Park. Today I have cut it up for the inner lining of the Aussie Hero Laundry bags. There was enough fabric to make 35 bags and 70 four inch cord strips Not bad for $15. I am not sure what the fabric is called but it is as strong and sturdy as cotton drill.

4 More Dresses.

 I made the most of the cool weather today. 4 more dresses finished. I missed breakfast and missed lunch so I had better stop now for dinner. (4 jelly beans do not constitute a meal).