Saturday, January 11, 2014

Super Hero Alphabet.

I found a great site that allows you to use these lovely super hero fonts for personal and charitable purposes, Saves me a heap of time!
this is the link.

Super Hero Capes.

 Today I am making 8 Super Hero Capes for kids using this pattern.
I first printed it onto paper then using the roll of curtain fabric that I got from Savers made a more permanent template. (I knew I would find a use for it!) This is what I will be using that roll for in the future too. From the width of the roll I cut out on the fold 2 capes, then on the next fold I had the capes facing the other way, minimizes wastage. The larger pieces will be used for toys and the smaller pieces for the logos.
This is 4 of the polar fleece cut out for the outside of the capes.I cut the fleece in the same way as I did the lining.