Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Camera

My husband is a real darling, Look at what he bought me, a new digital camera! He bought it for me, not because it is valentines day, but just because he know i use mine all the time. This is a link if you want to know the specifics of the camera. All I know is I click and shoot!

Coconut Tree

This is the tree finished. I have decided to just add the green balloons as they are because to tell the truth, i was scared of blowing them up, and the kitties might not leave them alone! I have added a fabric gecko to the tree for added interest. The trunk is painted with house paint. The leaves were spray painted.
The tree is comprising of two parts, the trunk and the leaves.
Looking forward to sewing this afternoon, I will be making a Tiki Pillow for the classroom to keep.

Coconut Tree

It is almost finished, I am just waiting for the final leaves to dry and then add the coconuts.

Coconut Tree

This is the tree leaves. They will be a separate piece to be assembled at the school onto the trunk, this is because it is so big. What i have done is made it out of a wire lampshade, the bottom edge has been cut off and the wire sprayed out. It is stiff enough to hold it's shape. along with additional wire to stiffen the leaves. The leaves have been spray painted. There will be 12 leaves in all. The cardboard insert is in the centre of the lampshade base. I hope it does not rain tonight because i have left them all outside under the veranda to dry. I have not totally covered the leaves because i want it to be seen as made from cardboard, It is all about recycling materials as art.

This is the cardboard insert from the top of the tree that will be stuck into the tree once it is in school. The trunk has been painted and is now drying. It should be finished minus the coconuts, they are still in production.