Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Makes for 2013.

 Whilst still in this festive season I was in the mood for making gifts, but these will be for next year 2013 Christmas.
I have vlysofixed some lovely cotton fabric, fussy cut it out to turn them into pins for next year. Each pin has a back, some beads for embellishment and some lovely wool fabric to fuse it onto and then I sewed around the pink wool leaving an opening for turning and stuffing. Turn and stuff and close the opening with a ladder stitch. Embellish the brooch front and then sew the brooch pin to the back.
 These are all the fussy cut pieces sorted out and placed in a tin for later on. These will all be made into finished pins for the gifts to be handed out at my favourite stores.
These are kits for the ladies at my cloth doll club. 50 kits made. I will get some cards, add some instructions and stuffing and then they will be ready for them to assemble themselves.