Thursday, October 6, 2011


Getting rid of the plastic look on the umbrella by covering the handle, the top of the umbrella and the umbrella tips with leather. The way i have done it is the same for all pieces. First make the end covering by cutting out a circle larger than the piece you want to cover. Make notches and cut them out to eliminate bulk. These tabs will then be glued onto the umbrella.
First glue the top on. then flue the tabs down.
Using your leather strip, wind and glue into place all the way around. Stretching the leather tight as you go.
When you reach the end, glue it into place.
I have covered the glue on the top end of the handle with a strip of thin leather just coiled around it gives a nice finish.

The same method has been used for the umbrella point.
Also repeat these steps for the umbrella arms. Before.