Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christmas in July

I have been invited to a Christmas In July Dinner, How much fun is that! and we are having a Chris Kringle and the limit to spend on a gift was $10.00. This is what i bought, I went to a shop called Loot, (right next to Spotlight, my real reason for going out) and they had a sale on.
I bought these fabulous table runner and table mats. They are made of rolled up newspaper paper and cotton thread and i love them. The mats were originally $3.95 reduced to $1.00 each and the table runner was originally $15.00 and was reduced to $5.00 So I spent a total of $9.00 and saved $21.80. I have wrapped it up using some Christmas fabric.

Games Mascot Continued

Today i have been working on the face and head.
This is his ears. one has been stuffed and the other ready to be stuffed.

Face, eye whites, whiskers and mouth. Machine sewing parts done, now hand sewing parts left on the face. Also showing only half of the muzzle. Still having fun!