Sunday, July 1, 2018

Op Shopping. Christmas In July.

 As per usual, when I am out and about I look in op shops for bargains. This is what I found today, Epping Salvos. netting and a lightweight tape. Total spend, $14.00.

 This is what it is for, making produce bags to use instead of plastic when you shop. I will be making 3 of these to go into the prize pack of bags for the Christmas in July fundraiser.
 This is the large lined shopping bag the last of the prize pack. 7 bags in total. 3 mesh bags, 3 fold up bags and this large tote.
 I am making gift bags for the people at the fundraiser, (You have to have gifts at a Christmas party, and I don't do food!) Handles for the large tote and all the bits to make a mesh produce bag. Bag instructions written in the card.
Packages in this paper gift bag. I am making 30 of them. If I have time I will make some mesh bags for sale and all proceeds to go to the charity.