Monday, August 10, 2009

Had to Share

What happened to me.
Whilst i have never been one for looking in the mirror at myself in any given time, i have to remember to take a good look from time to time. this is why. I was innocently waiting in the queue at the post office to pay a bill when a customer, 2 people ahead of me was looking at me with daggers in her eyes. She just kept glaring at me and i could not for the sake of me could think of what i have done to offend her that much. did i know her? and how did i cause her so much animosity?
Well, 3 minutes later i found out what i had done. The Lovely lady at the counter told me i had a knitting needle sticking out of my shoulder! I have been walking around all morning like that! The offending size 10mm knitting needle was stuck in my jumper. I have been to Woolworths and the $2 shop and nothing had been said.
This bought me back to twice before in my life when outside of my house of something potentially embarrassing.
Once i went to the market and realised i had a dress on inside out and back to front. (quick change in the loo) and another time when i was with my daughter, in a clothes shop when i saw this lady in the mirror my thought was, this bag lady needs help! Then i saw it was me! I thought i looked ok with all my layers when in fact i looked like a hobo.
Fashionistas out there, I am a large 14- 16 size hippy that needs fashion advice!

Cat of the Day

Tilli is a life saver! Well that is probably an exaggeration, but without her loud meow, i would not have known that she and Meg were shut in the bathroom!

Getting Stuff Together

Underneath the cat Tilli, on the computer/sewing chair is all the things i have gathered together to work on Monkey Business.
I have decided that this is going to be a marionette puppet. It is all drawn out in my head at the moment, so if you like to see what happens, watch this space!.
Originally i was going to start it yesterday, but my darling husband made me a surprise appointment for the dentist, Having taken me there, i had a tooth extracted and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch napping! It was a good thing too cos i found out i need fillings. so back to the dentist in a couple of weeks time... all for the good i am sure.