Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meg and Tilli

Tilli and Meg are my Cat of the Day.
At the moment my Mum and her husband Mike are here in Australia from England and loving it. One of the activities that we did that they don't have in England is Show Houses, This is a great fun thing to do and costs nothing.
Also a fun thing to do if you are thinking of doing some decorating, to see how the trends are going and to give you ideas on your own home.
If you click on Meg and Tilli, their picture will take you to a collage of our day out. Enjoy!
Right now they are driving up to Bathurst NSW from Mill Park Vic, taking their time and taking in the sights. Tonight they are stopping at The Pelican in Lakes Entrance.
They have their Tomtom navigator and enjoying their holiday of a life time.