Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doll Continued

Parts of the pinafore dress. There is the skirt part, pleated onto a waist band. Next you have the bib front to be sewn on doubled fabric and then sewn onto the waist band. then you have the ruffle on the straps, sewn on doubled fabric, tuned right sides out, added into the shoulder straps then sewn onto the back cross over style. then sewn onto the front top of the bub and a button sewn on top of that. Not shown is the ruffle on the bottom of the dress, I have not decided if i am going to use the same fabric or if i will add gathered lace yet. I will try it on the doll first.

Doll Continued

The body is now ready for some clothes. I will be adding the hands and feet separately.
Dressed, almost. She will be having a pinafore dress on top which will be wired on the hem to simulate the wind, then i will be making the feet and hands.

The hair too will be made like a wig and added last, well alomost last. the last thing i will be doing is her face.

Cats of the Day

Cats Don't you just love them?