Monday, November 24, 2014


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Christmas Stuff.

 The Snowman Advent calender is finished, I just have to re make the baby snowman feet cos Meggie walked off with them! The pattern said to use snaps to attach them onto the picture but I used velcro as I think it would be easier for kids to put them on. Overall it was great fun to do and will be a gift for my niece.
 Pincushions in progress.
 I had been letting my fingers do the walking on the hunt for crushed walnut shells to put into my pin cushions. This is what I found.
My local one was Epping and they had it in stock. $14 for 2.7kg.
This is another good place but the postage for me was too high,
Pincushions still on my mind as I was in Epping I bought this pack of steel wool for $2. Also in the picture is the walnut litter.