Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trip To Preston.

 This is the reason I went to Preston in the first place. I buy the two pack of cards for $2 and split them up and make my card holders for the gift packs. They are changing, I like the 100% plastic cards as they are the most durable but they have changed them to the wipeable paper ones that are not so durable and have to look further afield to find them.
 Making labels and making card holders.
 They look very similar, the plastic one is the blue pack.
The thickness is different. The paper pack has the gold band running around it. I did a test and the paper cards can be ripped and creased.

Spotlight Gift Card Thank You.

Yesterday I went to Spotlight in Preston. This is what I bought. These fabrics were on special for $4.99 a metre, normally $19.99 a metre, I bought 2 metres of each, and this Legacy fuse under, normally $8.99 for $2 each. I used my Spotlight $50 voucher that I was recently gifted towards it. Thank you so much.