Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gift Shopping.

This is my ritual, After posting parcels I always go to Spotlight in South Morang. Sometimes I have a plan on what I need to buy, but not always. I went to Spotlight today, Not planning on buying anything when I saw these bargains. Looked at the dates for the candy canes, 2017,  Perfect! I will be using these for the ACDA Christmas party and for the Aussie Hero packages. Total cost, $7.
 When I got home I opened them up and this is what i found. 24 wrapped pieces of candy cane in each pack.
 These decorations I will have to be creative with these.
 Photo albums and rotary blades.
 The next stop was in Vinnies South Morang store, 2016 pens, 6 for $1. I bought the lot, total amount of pens 52. Now I have a goal to meet, 52 parcels for Aussie Heroes.  My job for this afternoon is to test each pen and glad wrap them up individually.
Cards and postcards are always on my list for making up gift packs for Aussie Heroes. I have bought this lot too. Blank cards and postcards with Australian images and famous masters. Total spend for the day, $30.