Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday I had the most Fantastic trip with my best friend. What a Brilliant treat! It was my first time going there and i loved it. So much fun and so much to see, I learnt a hell of a lot too. If you have the chance to do it then you should, You will not be disappointing, Be a time traveller and go, you will come back having had a wonderful time. I LOVED IT!
Amongst the Many different things I learned is that medicine has changed a whole heap!

Friends with Benefits

Look what arrived in the post today, My Friends with Benefits Partner, Wendy from New Zealand has outdone herself, Look how beautifully wrapped this lot is, and it smelt divine,
This is why, In the package is a wonderful soap and hand cream called Pohutukawa triple Milled Soap with Manuka Honey and the smell is just divine, a large packet of Hershey's Kisses and a very pretty fridge magnet, but the very best of all is this wonderful cushion with the most exquisite stitchery I am in awe of the tiny perfect stitches in very fine thread, Something I have never seen before. What a very lucky girl I am.