Monday, November 30, 2009

Softies For Mirabel

Sometimes you just need a break from sewing, I have taken a couple of days off and tomorrow I will finish the Softies for Mirabel toys. Pictures will be taken before they go to their new home.

Meg and Tilli

Tilli being the climber was more interested in the box. 20 seconds later they both came tumbling down no damage though, she asked me to put the box back to do it again, so i did! this game lasted two more times before she had enough.
Meg was more interested in tasting the leaves
and playing with the branches while we were setting it up.

Christmas Tree

Last year and for at least 10 years we did not bother with having a tree, we thought, well the kids are all grown up and so we did not make too much of it. Well my best friend did not agree with that, and so she bought me a tree for the table, (picture tomorrow) and my son and his girlfriend also did not agree with this and they bought this tree along with decorations.
We bought some lights today and put the tree up and it looks wonderful! All those years of missing out! Never again I say!! I just love it.

Santa Brooches in the Making

I went to Spotlight with my son and his girlfriend today to get some calico for her, and I saw this fabric and went bananas! I just love it, i right away thought, Santa Badges for my Cloth Doll Club Christmas Party. So I bought a strip that cost me $2.50 and enough to make 50 badges, cool stuff.
Two badges done, only 48 to go...
A close up of the face. Too cute!