Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pink Chair.

I took a walk up to our local Savers and came home with these, The start of the Pink Fairy Chairs, one for the school and one for my niece, a special request. I don't yet have the chairs but this is a good start.

Fairy Chair.

Today I am working on the purple chair. The pink chair has already been snapped up and I forgot to take pictures, I won't be making the same mistake with this one though! The purple bead string came in a Christmas parcel from my daughter and I think it gives it that lacy glamorous bling that it was missing. The purple beads are one long string that is tied on in places with nylon carpet thread to give it controlled loops. I want it to be stable and still have movement. On the back of the chair is a 3 stand button necklace, It has been woven into the back.
The chair seat is wooden. I removed it and then covered it in purple plush.
Underside of chair. The plush bed cover fabric from Savers has an elastic rim casing that grips it on the bottom of the seat.
The top of the seat has now a cushioned dome, cute and soft.
The flowers and leaf shapes I have cut out and will sew around the edge of the seat. The flowers are made out of fleecy fabric that has iron on interfacing on the back to stabilize it. The first little purple flowers are going to be on the vine running all around the chair, the middle flower made up of 4 separate parts will be on the seat and have a button in the middle. The last one is a rose, the rose will have two leaves attached on each side of the flower. The leaves are made of two different green fabrics, One is a dark velvet and the other is a lighter green cotton. They will be on both the roses and the vine.

The leaf shapes ready to sew.

Pinned on for show of final placement.
The vine is made out of recycled electrical wire and green fabric tubing. The reason for this is that I do not want the vine to be tight against the chair but i do want to control where it lies.

This picture shows how I will attach the flowers to the vine. Each flower will have purple beaded centres.