Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kitties and Crafting.

 This is one of my daughters cats, Too Cute!
 Wet felting in my daughters wet room laundry .
 different colour combinations.
 Love those colours.
 What we actually made was a cat door stop. wet felted body, needle felted muzzle and inner ears.
 To show you the size.
We wired the tail to fit and hold at the back of the door. It was a great fun project.

Happy New Year.

 It has been a while between posts, I needed a break. We have been to visit our daughter and son in law in Bathurst NSW and my daughter drove us back and stayed a while and drove back.
We did some crafting up there and finished it off here, ( pictures of all that later).
 This is the kitty that came to stay with us mid December and we have been unable to find his owner, Face booked him in the Lost and Found Mill Park and surrounds, sent his picture to all the local vets, and cat shelters, He has not been neutered and we door knocked in my area with is photo. We hope to get a special permit to have a 3 kitty household. Meanwhile we are calling him Sandy.
 Tilli and Meggie.
 Masters closed down, I bought this massive roll of cord for Aussie Hero laundry bags a whopping 90% off price.
 My first block of free motion quilting for this year. I don't have a quilt request at the moment but are doing random blocks ready to incorporate into quilts as I go. I used variegated threads bought in Bathurst for 50 cents each, Usually they are between $9 and $10 each.
 This was not bought all at once, We went back 3 times, I wanted other people to have a chance of getting some. Are they not wonderful? They will give the blocks a bit of pop for no extra work.
Lastly for this blog post, just like last year, I went to the Brotherhood of St Lawrence Opp shop and found 2017 pens, I bought 110 of them, 10 for a $1 and each gift pack for Aussie Heroes will get one. My plan is to make 110 gift packs.
I hope all of you will have a great 2017.