Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Handmade Paper

this is a sample of the first try out batch of paper. I have learnt a lot here,
1. It is a messy thing!, I had completely forgotten this.
2. Don't do too much all at once,
3. Add the extra fibres AFTER pulped.
4. Gold paper turns grey.

I have put the paper aside to dry over night, then if it is still damp then i will iron it. I have cleaned it all up, and watered my plants! well, the apple tree and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow after reading more on the subject.
Most important thing is that i had fun.

Making Paper

Today i will be making paper, This is something i have not done for quite some time. Going from left to right we have, Christmas Bonbons, and gold ribbon that i will be shredding up into little golden strands. A4 coloured paper to act as base colours, recycled blanket and newspaper, some ready made potpourri, a deckle, a bucket, deep tray, a shredder and not in the picture is the paint stirrer and drill. (thanks Jodie for that tip!). Not included, is Tilli in tray,
For these test pages i will not be using seeds, i will be using chilli flakes. The reason is that i want to get the consistency right and the flakes will show up and i can see how they will be dispursed.
The actual paper for the wedding will be done by myself and my daughter when she comes down at the end of this month.

Making Paper

I bought this shredder yesterday all to help making my life a little easier, to help cut up the paper for both the compost and for making paper. It even comes with it's own bin, $20 Reject shop.
What is this? It is a recycled material blanket measuring 155cm x 200cm I will be using it for a variety of crafts. Today i have cut some up into A4 sized pieces to use in the paper making along with newspaper for the pages to sit on while they dry. Cheaper than felt, at only $7 from Aldi supermarket. This is plenty big enough for me to share it with my kitties too.

New Christmas Countdown

Does anyone have a Christmas Countdown Widget? I really liked the one i had last year but when it started to do minus numbers i just deleted it and i cannot find what i want! I really miss it.

In the Garden

This is me with Tilli and Meg in the garden.
They are allowed out a couple of times a day, about an hour and a half in total, just in the back yard with supervision. They do have their own garden enclosure in between times if they want. I am currently trying to convince my family to make the whole back yard cat safe, (put the whole thing as an enclosure) but i don't think i will win this one,


This is the cushion finished.
The cushion measures a lovely 61 cm square, I used curtain fabric from Spotlight that cost $3 a metre and although i tried i could not capture the coppery sheen it has when the light hits it. It is a mid weight fabric that very thin strands of copper, brown and gold running through it like little wavy lines going one way. I used it making the grain go through it sideways, it picks up the light better that way.
I thoroughly enjoyed making it and i am sure they will like it. It is the first cushion i have ever made, but it won't be the last that is for sure. I had great fun doing it.
I have decided not to bead it because they have cats and i don't want to risk them trying to pick them off and swallowing them.
I have some fabric left over so i'm thinking round coasters to match.

wedding Ideas

We have just bought on ebay, this lovely box.
the dimensions are just right for envelopes.
This is going to be used instead of the traditional Wishing Well and on the top we are going to have engrave a picture of Wellers. the place where they are getting married.
The second thing is that the Bridal table is going to have a bonsai tree. Don't know which one yet, more on that when my daughter comes down. We are going to have fun looking.
We have decided! The copper/bronze finished candle holders are going to be filled with a potted plants, one for each table.
The cushion i was working on is finished, i will post a picture tomorrow, too dark right now to get a good picture.

Alderwood Quilts Giveaway

The winner will a Ricky Tims patterns and 6 batik fat quarters. Want to win this giveaway? then go here, to Alderwood Quilts, the draw is on Feb 1. follow the prompts.