Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilt Border Tutorial.

 First of all, Meggie! The borders on this quilt will be hot pink and black, my recipients favourite colours.
 The binding is on, just have to sew the front which I will do by hand this afternoon.
 I thought I might like to share with you how I do it. For this particular quilt I needed to add to the sides a total of 6 inches to make it the correct size. This meant a border of 3 inches on each side.So the main fabric is going to be 7 inches. (1 inch added for the seam allowance) as we are doing the back and the front at the same time.
 Place the 3 inch batting down the centre of the main border fabric and fold it over.
 On the top side add the 2 inch strip of fabric folded with the raw edges facing the raw edges of the main fabric
 This is the bottom side, the one inch strip of fabric pinned in place.
 1/4 inch seam, sew all the layers together.
 Now you are going to add the main quilt. Matching the raw edge of the back of the quilt to the 1 inch strip of fabric sew a 1/4 inch.
 Flip the quilt so that the quilt top is now uppermost and fold the 2 inch strip over to be on top of the quilt sandwiching all the raw edges inside.
 Pin and sew either by hand or by machine. Square up the ends and then you are ready to measure the top and bottom of the quilt to make that border fit the size of quilt you are making.