Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zart Art

I have been sent an invitation to go to this tomorrow, How exciting! I had So Much Fun Last Time, Going again with my son's girlfriend, Just like last time, we are going to have fun!
I am just charging my camera now to take pictures of the Softies for Mirabel, all done and ready to go, I will have to go back to Spotlight cos i have already given away 6 Santa pins today, I think i will need to make at least 30 more so that i don't run out before the Party. The only crafty thing i have done today is finishing off the toys, alter a top for my niece and hem a pair of pants for my friend.

New Fence

This is our new fence.
We had it changed yesterday, We saw his add in the local paper and went with him. (the fence before was almost falling down), and i was so happy with his work, He is on his own, and he worked non stop from mid morning until almost 10 pm, he cleaned up and he even put our old post box back for free.
He was so nice and did such a lovely job that i asked if i could blog about it. and he said Yes so here it is. When you have had a good job done and like to work from references, then this is one i am happy to pass on.
If you live in the Northern Suburbs then:

fit colorbond, paling and tubular fences.
Work Guaranteed
Free Quotes
0415 681 931

Santa Pins

This is what i have been doing today. 50 pins. First i Vliesofix some cream felt to the Santa face to stabilize it then i cut them out. I then pinned it onto some more felt then i appliqued it onto that, then i cut them out again, this time leaving a border.
Finished pins. On the back i made a tab of felt to hold the pin in an upright position and hot glued them into place. (I ran out of green felt and so i used whatever felt i had). Total cost of pins? $2.50 for 50 of them.
I also made two swaps, a Pincushion Swap and a Christmas Tree Decoration Swap, All ready for the Cloth Doll Club Christmas Party.
My son and his girlfriend came by and i helped them with their project, stapling elastic to masks and sewed the edges of a banner for them. This is what i call A Great Crafty Day. Not finished yet though, must eat something first before i get to finish the Softies, They will be finished by the end of the day and then photographed.