Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Trees and Teddy.

 Sorting out the bits for the Christmas Tree, Tilli having fun in the boxes. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.
 The tree is up! Can you see Meggie?
Look at this lovely teddy.

 I moved him here so that I can see him. After giving presents to the staff in Spotlight and as I was about to leave, One of the lovely staff members called me back and gave me this really lovely teddy. How wonderful and totally unexpected. I thanked them as said I will enjoy him for a few days and get some picture with him and I will then put him under the K Mart Wishing Tree for some child to cherish. (he is so soft and cuddly).
This is the dining room table.
I have also put a wreath on the front door, but that is a picture for another day.

Spotlight Gifts.

This afternoon I will be going to visit Spotlight to hand out their little Thank you gifts.

More decorations Made.

 More decorations made. These lovely angels are brooches that had on the front, It's a Girl, and It's a Boy on them. I just printed on fabric Merry Christmas and hot glued over the original words.
Last night/this mornings work. Now I am off to do some weeding for a friend before the hot weather sets in. Just for an Idea, because they are wire I found I could just give it a little pull and they became ovals then I could add the longer middle pendants.

Op Shopping.

 This is what I have bought today, these little bags of beads and necklaces to turn into Christmas decorations. I have one more stop to make and give them out and that is to all the staff at Spotlight. I have made a couple already using the findings of today.
 Another op shop today I found these, an Aussie handkerchief I will fussy cut and will be able to make 5 blocks with, and two linen T towels I will pass on to a quilter to be incorporated into a quilt.
 A lovely knitting book for my library and some lovely yarn for the cord for laundry bags.
NOTYQ this is their link, a wonderful group of talented caring and sharing people that my friend Melody belongs too recently had a major fundraising event to raise money for their charity quilt making supplies and Melody bought this lot on my behalf.