Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sewing Room.

I am finally using my very own space. I love it! a dream come true.

Sewing Room Table.

I feel my sewing room is complete now. I bought this desk from Savers yesterday. I went to Savers to look for a chest of drawers for my sons bedroom, I did not find that, but I did find this!
The front flap still needs a little adjusting to be level. This bit is for the keyboard originally. I will be having it level permanently by adding a bracket to the underside so that it cannot be moved.
The sides can be up or down depending on how much table space I need. When I saw it for $3.99 I had to have it. I borrowed a screwdriver and a spanner and dismantled it into 4 parts in the store so that it would be like a flat pack and fit in the car. I am still looking for the chest of drawers for my sons room. It was quite grubby but I used water soluble Tea Tree Oil and the marks came right off.