Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quilt As You Go Blocks.

 This is for you Kaylee! Make your blocks as a quilted sandwich as normal and trim. I am using bias binding strips to join them together. Cut your bias binding just a little bit bigger than your block, one for the front of your block and one for the back of the same block.
 Open up the binding showing the raw edge, pin that at the same time as the back on the same edge.
You are creating 5 layers to sew, bias binding, your quilted sandwich (3 layers, top of quilt, batting and back of quilt) and the bias binding.
 Sew it all together with a 1/4 inch seam. This is the view from the front.
 This is the view from the back.
 Next we will be adding the next block. Place the blocks back facing back and open up the back bias binding only, pin in place the bias binding.  It should now have the following layers to sew, Bias binding and the quilt sandwich.
 Sew a 1/4 of an inch. The back of the block is now joined and the edges enclosed.
 Open up the blocks so that the right sides are facing you, You will now have 1/2 inch of batting sandwiched between what you have just sewn.
 View from the back.
 Now it is time to sew the bias binding on the front to the block encasing the quilt sandwich in between.  This time you do not have to unfold the binding, just pin it over to the next block and sew it down in place. The picture show that the place you are sewing is on the right hand side of the binding.
 Here is what I have used, a blanket stitch. You could use a top stitch if you like, or you could even hand stitch it if you did not want any stitches showing.  I chose to add the blanket stitch on the opposite side of the binding to balance it up, this is purely decorative and not essential as it is fully enclosed.
This is my quilt top so far.

Quilt Continued.

The blocks are done, they have been given a green background also cut at an angle, Just have to decide if it needs sashing or a wide border. I am thinking of a border at the moment. Time for lunch first.