Sunday, May 15, 2016

Next Aussie Hero Request Quilt Started.

This is the start of my next Aussie Hero quilt. The request was for a map of Australia showing Darwin, Townsville and Melbourne. This was a tablecloth cut up and sewn outlines on the animals, trees and buildings as well as the outline of the map and islands. Blue will be added to the background for the sea just underneath the white then the white will be cut away carefully leaving a tidy edge. This will be the centre of the quilt with other blocks added, I have not decided yet on what the other blocks will be, I will do some research first on the places that have been requested.

Aussie Hero Stuff And Shopping.

 This is what I have been doing. Making labels for the Aussie Hero quilt.
 Bargain buys from Spotlight. Paperless Legacy brand fusible web. The best way to use it is to use baking paper or parchment paper, this is a silicone covered paper. Do not use grease proof or freezer paper, they are wax coated. Draw your image you want to cut out directly on the paper, cut it a bit bigger and sandwich the fusible between the fabric it is going to be cut our of and the baking paper. Iron on, let cool then cut out and peel off the  paper. Right now it is $4 per pack and usually it is $8.99. It is 38cm by 15"
 Making cards.
 Savers bargain, $3 for this roll of heavy weight fabric roll. It is 4 inches wide, perfect for the laundry bag tops.
This is a super bargain, Be Quick! Spotlight has this roll of batting for sale, Normal price is $349.99 and is at the moment $99 and with the Spotlight discount voucher, Spend $100 get $40 off it brings it down to $60. Ring around your Spotlight stores as they are running out fast. My total cost with the fusible came to $63 a total saving of $290.99.