Saturday, June 25, 2011

School Play Props and Things

I have not blogged for a while, I have been busy though! This is the wand for the Woodland Fairy. Made with wire and marbles.
This is the bottom half of the treasure chest, This measures 95cm by 48cm and the sides are 35cm by 48cm. Still a long way to go, It will have a false bottom so that the jewels and treasure will be at the top and spilling over.
What i have been working on the last few days is sewing, A long time since i used the machine! I have designed Corn on the cobs. They will be stuffed with the fabric off cuts and shredded newspaper to go along with the theme of recycling and reusing. When i have finished sewing on the machine they will have the leaves hand stitched to the corn, at the moment you can see the pins. These measure 30cm high, and will be on dowels. 50 of them to make. My next job will be the costumes. I still have to finish the dinosaur it is coming together nicely.