Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thumb Pincushion

I have added how to make a thumb pincushion to the list of tutorials. Please read the story that goes with it. This is for personal use only. You can make them for yourself and to give away only.

I designed this pincushion 5 years ago in memory of a friend who fought and lost her battle with cancer. She was a courageous woman whom i am honoured to have known. She maybe gone, but not forgotten.
She loved her family and her friends and was generous in spirit. I wanted to celebrate her and spread her love.

When i am sad, i sew. When i am happy , i sew. This was a little of both.
I wanted to share her story with others in a simple way and spread her love.

I made these Thumb Pincushions.
I made 150 of them all the while thinking of my friend and what she meant to me. It was almost Christmas and i thought, How can i share my feelings about her? So i went to Spotlight in Mill Park with the now large bag of Thumb Pincushions and gave them out to the staff, telling the story of my friend as i went. The manager was very kind and generous in spirit too and allowed me to give them freely to people in the fabric department all day long telling my friends story as i went.
I wanted to share with other fellow crafters my feelings and her story.
At the end of the day all 150 of the Thumb Pincushions were gone, I felt i had celebrated her life with complete strangers. I am not a loud or flamboyant person, I am a shy quiet person and have been making them ever since.

Please feel free to make and give away to friends. Please don't copy and sell.
This is just to share with those you love.