Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys Toys

My trusty cardboard to the rescue, i made a template.
Pieces need for each pencil wallet. Template sewing Outer, lining and a stiffened insert.
Sewn, turned right sides out. pinned and lines drawn to sew on for pencil holder side and notebook on the other.
Almost finished, Use matching thread though for the real item, this is just for demo purposes only
Add an elastic loop to the pencil side and i will also be hot glue or super glue the sharpener in place to double as an enclosure. with some final adjustments and tweaking 15 of these will be made today. Back to sewing.


Just before i got into sewing today, i thought to myself, I must take a quick look in the garden to see what is happening.
These roses are looking lovely.
They are all in the front garden.
I could not just take just one photo.
So i too one from each bush. Lovely Now i can get to doing some sewing.


I inadvertently left a doll on the floor after taking their picture, and Meg was quick to pounce! Whilst the doll was unhurt (I checked her all over thoroughly) it has made me think, I will now have to make her a toy. Maybe an octopus type thingy, something she can drag around and fling.


My plans for the day.
This is the latest dolls awaiting faces and dresses. They look cute don't they?
and the next batch of pencils ready to have the holders made for them.
Sewing sewing and more sewing. That is my plan for the day. I don't think i will be moving from this room any time soon. I am glad that the sun is shining, makes the room lovely and bright.

Help needed

These two views of pencil rolls from By Small Means should be a start to whet your appetite.
Crayon Roll pattern from Skip To My Lou

Pencil roll instructions from Wet Oatmeal Kisses

and i am sure that there are more patterns and ideas out there. Now for the reason for the rolls.
Wet Oatmeal Kisses is having a campaign and wants to have 500 made for charity. Think you can make some? go to her blog to get more details. They have the pencils, they need the holders..


How nice are these bags! would you like to win one? then hurry up and go and take a visit to Cotton Cocktails and follow the prompts.
This lady has been blogging for 3 months and her stuff is very interesting to read. I am going back to read some more.

Wedding Plans Continues...

I forgot to add in my last post about the wedding. She will Still have it at Hill End, only a small ceremony and one in Melbourne too. So in effect Two weddings.
She has 3 weeks left of Uni, then we will get on with more details like THE DATE!!

We also have question. Etiquette, Wedding gifts, My daughter and her husband to be already have furniture in storage for a house, (they are living in a garage/shed at the moment) not as bad as it sounds, like a granny flat almost. They have a bedroom with the desk and a kitchen sink, a shower and a toilet. They are waiting until they know where her partner will be posted before they look for somewhere to rent. Any ideas on what they can do? that is a question that is being asked.

My nephew who is living with us at the moment is getting married in February and will on the other hand need stuff for their place as yet they don't have one!! They would like to set up a registry or something naming stuff that they will need I think that setting up a blog page like my daughter has only for invited guests with a list that they can pick from. The guests then can e-mail them and let them know what they would like to choose. the item then gets ticked off from the box. Any large items can be jointly bought by groups, eg, brothers and sisters together get an item.

Has anyone been to a wedding recently, or have gotten married? I would love to hear your ideas.