Monday, March 1, 2010

Dodo Continued

The beak is done, Originally i wanted to do it in red vinyl but not enough of that, so now i have used a red velvet type fabric.
Wool coat i am using to do the body in. Bought from Savers in Greensborough when they had the half price sales, A long green blue in wool for $10. Lovely and soft with a short pile.
wrapped, pinned, cut.
Seams folded in and pinned ready to sew on.
All the rest of the coat is being cut into feathers. These will be sewn and further trimmed and added on the body for embellishments to help enhance the look and to help you see it as a bird.

Olympic Mascots

I have just received this lovely e-mail from Renee.

Hi Sue,
This morning I walked into school to be bombarded by two students who spent the weekend making THEIR own Vancouver mascots due to your inspiration from the new additions to my classroom.

The two girls allowed me to photograph them and said you can post them
on your blog if you want.

So here they are.

Flying Geese.
How wonderful is this! Thank you girls! Great stuff!