Friday, August 2, 2013

Friends Swap

I SEW PRIM CHRIS! is hosting a swap.
You have until September so 4 weeks. If you think you would like to play then click on the picture to be transported there to find out all the rules. Have fun!

Tilli and Meg and All Things Nice.

 We had a very mixed bag of weather today, The sun came out in the afternoon for a little while, Tilli enjoyed it.
 As did Meg.
 This is what I have been making in the evenings, thumb pincushions,  Scissor holders with pincushion brooches and more felt paisley brooches. All these will be going with me to Crafty Hijinks to go into the Goodie Take Home Bags
This morning one of my sons surprised me with letting me know that Spotlight had 40% off all fabrics including sales stuff, when I told him that I knew but had no money he said My treat. How lovely. These fabrics were on sale at $3 a metre and with 40% off they were further reduced to $1.80 per metre. I bought a metre each.
These are what I will be making with the delicious fabrics. These I bought at the Quilt and Craft fair recently and e-mailed the designers asking for permission to use them for charity. I have has the wonderful reply of yes from both so I will be making them very very soon for the charity Angels for the Forgotten.

Snuffles and Ruffles pattern

percy & herb

I have just ordered some Parlan (lightweight fusible fleece) from Fee's Shabby Shack, I don't know what it looks like, but I am looking forward to trying it out.