Monday, June 15, 2015

Aussie Hero Stuff.

 Today I have sewn 3 laundry bags. This one goes with the quilt I have just made.
 The next 2 are single laundry bags. Request was for red and white and black. The HMAS Newcastle embroidery was sent to me this morning.
 This request was for red and white. To make them worthwhile putting them into a BX2 box I add goodies, What works for me is the jumbo bag of 10 packs of chips or other kinds of munchies.
I have almost run out of cards so this is what I will be doing this afternoon. The front of the cards will have either a crossword or a word search with the answers on the back of the card. The envelopes are used for them to write on as I add blank sheets of writing paper to them. The yellow folder in the middle has all my info ready to cut and paste into the card, a little blurb about myself and thanks for what they do, my e-mail and snail mail address and Aussie Hero info. I will also be making my own postcards using photo paper.

Aussie Hero Quilt Finished.

Another Aussie Hero quilt finished. This one is from donated blocks by the lovely Sandi.