Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorting Out

No crafting yesterday, just sorting out my book case and tidying up my sewing area in the family room.
These books and magazines are ready to go to a new home. Who ever wants them can pick them up from me and can have the lot.
let me give you a run down on what is there,
100 crafting magazines.
approximately 80 books
full set of Golden Hands Magazines
full set of Stitch by Stitch magazines.
4 pairs of non prescription reading glasses.
Send me an e-mail if you would like to come to my place and pick them up.

I live in Mill Park, Victoria, Australia postcode 3082

from the bookcase.


More Paper

This is a sample of the paper i made yesterday

this is what it looked like this morning.
I tore the paper in half, turned one side over to show how they look on both sides.
i did some finely, some more coarsely some thick and some thin.