Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sewing and Kitties.

 This afternoon I made 12 bags.
 For Angels for the Forgotten Charity.
 A good days work.

Kits Made.

60 bauble kits made. Now to clean up my sewing room and do some sewing.

Making Kits.

 These are the latest baubles I have made which makes the total made so far this year 40. Some are knitted and some are felt and wool hand stitched.
 This is the felt and wool assembly.
 I have printed the instructions and pattern pieces into a Christmas card along with all the bits.
All ready for Crafty Hijinks if it goes ahead this year, If not then they will be for the Christmas party. Off to finish assembling the other kits today, lots of tracing and cutting out bits. 55 left to do.