Saturday, February 2, 2019

New Goals To Reach.

 February Already? Wow! That was quick! I was looking back through my blog and realised I have not made toys in such a long time. Well over due, Jodie Carleton is one of my favourite designers, and so I went on etsy and chose the Llama, How cute are they, I will be making them for my Grand son. I could not stop there, I then saw Tilly and Ginger with their wonderful clothing I will make them for the K Mart Wishing Tree after seeing hand made goods again being accepted after an absence of 8 years. 
 I then found these lovely freebies at Shinyhappyworld.
 and this one from Abby Glassenberg.
Finally this lovely free simple knitting pattern in multiple sizes from Yarnspirations.
As well as the quilt I am making for my daughter that i have until March to finish, I have plenty to do, as well as the Aussie Hero stuff.