Saturday, April 7, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

This side of the chair is sea side and water scenes. Harry by the Sea, I am going to add sewing thread to the seaweed to make that pop. Then I am going to colour in the drawings to make them show up more too. since doing the r2d2 on the back i decided to give drawing the go. This is so much fun.
Spotlight had 40% off fabric yesterday ans along with the masculine fabrics I already had i have made a box of fabric to go to the Aussie Hero Quilts to post on Tuesday. It was very busy in Spotlight as you can imagine, so being my usual self I asked people what they are making, (I get so excited in Spotlight and I am very nosey) and told them what i was going to do. One lady ahead of us in the queue is in the forces and she had not heard of Ausise Hero Quilts and her mum is a quilter so I gave her the details. It was really lovely to talk to someone who may in the future be recieving one of these lovely creations, and i thanked her for what she is doing. She gave me a hug which was wonderful. The hour while we were waiting to be served went by very quickly.