Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fabric for Laundry Bags.

 Today I went to Savers in Mill Park and bought this lovely roll of medium weight cotton to do the lining of the laundry bags. A Great find as I have just finished with the last roll of grey when I was out with Melody, Great timing!
I also bought this lovely green and white check tablecloth and this lovely purple bulls eye quilt cover which will be perfect for the outer part of the bags. I made some bias binding yesterday afternoon. While I was out I bumped into some friends who had already been to my place to pick up some dresses that were going to the Philippines and missed me there, they then thought of going to Savers to see if I was there. I saw them coming out so I got a lift home, (I was so happy cos the fabric roll was heavy). 15 dresses are now getting sent to the Philippines. Not a bad mornings work!