Monday, May 30, 2011

Work In Progress

This is the exciting project I have been working on. Project is a big one! Props and things for the school play. Nothing has been finished yet, but all work in progress.
The premise of the play is about waste, and how to rethink how we use things. This skeleton of a dinosaur is made out of cardboard and stuck with tape and will be painted when it is finished. The stand it is on was an old lamp base. I have to keep in mind what i am making will be light enough for kids to move and be made with easily accessible materials.
This is the seat part of a forest fairy chair/stool.
A fairy wand. An apple tree branch covered with beads and jewels from my stash.

I have an idea for the fairy costume, that is going to be shown in the next few days as well as other costumes and props. I am very excited by it all. There will be animals and insects to name but a few, as well as a large dragons tail.