Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Back View. This is the start of the Dodo. The legs are coat hanger wire, taped together with my trusty duct tape, and the body is the cardboard templates that i will be using to make the actual pattern pieces out of fabric later.
This project is working from the inside out, the body will be made out of calico with the skin in the fabrics i am using draped and sewn on after. Basically this is the form of the piece.
Cardboard and taped all ready for taking apart and turned into fabric pattern pieces. The body looks a bit square because in cardboard there is no "give" this means that the final product will be much rounder because fabric is more pliable.
This is the head and beak pattern pieces.
All pinned and ready to sew.

This is the head and beak all sewn, ready for the next step of the skin. I will be doing the body and the wings tomorrow, and then the legs. finally they will be assembled and the outer and final skin covering added.