Friday, August 21, 2009

Hill End NSW

On Monday Hubby and i are off to Hill End NSW for 4 days to talk wedding with my daughter!! I am so excited i cannot wait. This is where they will be having their wedding and i hope to take some great scenery pictures to turn into Art Quilts. I am hoping in particular that we would get some lovely sun sets. My plan is then to make line drawings separating the colours and using the overhead projector i bought from Aldi the boys at home will have to play house nicely while we are away, I think they won't even notice we are gone. They are all in their early 20s so that is not a problem! Already i have been giving them specific instructions on looking after the kitties, for example, Playing Feathers with Meg!!!

Monkey Marionette

The head is now finished, onwards to finishing the body, sewing on the hands and feet and the chest piece. I hope to get him done by the end of the day.
Dowels and fishing line. these are the main tools i am going to use to make strings for the puppet.
additional materials needed for this to happen is a hand saw, drill and a nut and bolt.

Monkey Marionette

The original monkey picture did not have eye lids or ears, but i decided that my monkey needed them. Inner ear in light wool and the outer ear in fur fabric. pipe cleaners to be used to enable the ear to curve.
Eye lids. fabric folded in half, sewn around, cut out and snipped on one side only to turn right sides out.
Pinned on the monkey. All to be hand stitched into place. I think that his face is a little less scary now.