Friday, June 28, 2013

PNG Quilts.

 This is the first of the whole piece fabric quilts I am making for PNG.  You can see why I did not want to chop this one up! This fabric was from Spotlight. I had just under 2 metres of it a remnant and I am making 2 quilts with it and the rest went into the scrappy quilts. To finish it off I will lightly stitch the corners of each flower block. this is also 36 inches square in size.
 This is the back, from a quilt cover from Savers.
The batting is upholstery batting,  I bought a roll on ebay a while back for such an occasion. much cheaper but a little uneven in places so not really suitable for large quilts but fine for these little snugglies.

More PNG Quilts Continued.

 Another variation on a theme. This time instead of cutting on the diagonal, just off set the centre block. Again in 12 1/2 inch blocks of three.
Sew them together. Add two more rows and another top is done.