Saturday, December 4, 2010

K.Mart Wishing Tree

This is my first knitting from the book i told you about, Finished it this morning.
This is this years line up for the K Mart Wishing Tree, all done and delivered. 1 knitted blue elephant, a dolphin, a giraffe, 4 bears, a doll, 8 cupcakes and stand, 23 make-up bag sets, 9 notebook pencil sets and a snowman. All were warmly received, and they remembered me from last year too, so that was nice!
Been and watched the new Narnia movie with my best friend this afternoon too, then came home to a note from my son, I have a new sewing project to do, More on that tomorrow when he is going to come over and tell me what he wants. Right now i am going to go and clean up and get the tree from the shed to be set up and decorated tomorrow. I just love this time of year! Wishing all of my readers a Very Merry Christmas.