Monday, July 6, 2009

Doll Continued

This is the underside of the skirt, with her boot legs showing. Just coat hanger wire at the moment.
Two views of the doll. The fabric i have used is one i am going to use in another project, Gum Trees, later on. It is a heavy weight curtain fabric from Savers.
Front view.
This doll is going to be put aside for a couple of days because the next step is to make the felt for the clothing. I need a really nice warm or at least no wind day to do it. So I am now going to make some of my favourite things at the moment. The Kinder Kids are begging to be made. Usually I do some of the sewing on the dolls every day, but have neglected them for one whole week.

Doll Continued

This is the skirt pattern. I am going to sew it in the following order. All the top darker points i will sew first. Then those marked 2. then the sides together.
This is the base. I will sew this on doubled fabric right sides together using my sewing foot as a guide. Cut a around and clip. I will then make a slit on one side only to turn right sides out. This will then be sewn to the bottom of the assembled skirt. Two holes made at the base for the coat hanger legs to hang out.
The next step will be to stuff the skirt then place the body in it then hand stitching it to the doll.


This is Meg, She is sitting on the back of my computer chair watching me type.

Art Room Makeover

These pictures are of my son's girlfriend School Art Room.
This is her first teaching post and we could not be any more happier. She is going to be AWESOME, (she already is). Where her desk is is a window. This window had nothing and so we took measurements and decided to make a hanging pocket. It has a wooden pole across the top and is attached to the frame of the window. It is also the first time i have seen it since i made it. I could not be happier the way it turned out. All the fabric in the next lot of pictures are secondhand sheets. This is what came first, by some strange magic the trim i had co-ordinated perfectly with her colour scheme.
The trim is from my own stash. It does not show up, but the pictures the centre of the trim is purple.

There is a story to go with it.
This was a roll of trim i bought when in England. I was with my step mum in a place called Dartford Market. We were going over fond memories when we saw a stall with a man looking miserable, His wares were all secondhand and it had just started snowing. He really stood out from the other more colourful stalls and i asked him how much for some trim. He told me, so I bought it. I then asked him how much for the lot! You should have seen my mums face when he told me and i said SOLD! Her jaw just dropped, and when she got over the shock and i told her why i did it, She could not stop laughing, It was really really good to see her relax like this, that in itsself was worth it. (70 pounds lighter in my pocket, all that i had) If you live in the U.K. you may know how much this is. (You can see why i am not in charge of money at home). This was about 5 or 6 years ago.

Well, 2 full black plastic garbage bags filled, He went home happy, and my mum looked 10 years younger and we were laughing. I said, there is No Way i can take this lot on a plane, i will keep a couple of bits and we will finish this expedition by taking the rest to opp shops for them to sell. Dartford had about 5 of these type shops.

We went into one and bought 3 large sports bags. So here we were, 2 large plastic bags and 3 empty sports bags sitting in a coffee shop dividing the "loot" into the 3 bags. The stuff now easier to manage we went walking to the other secondhand stores and donated a bag into each. It felt very very good. We felt like Mrs. Clause.
Back to the trim. This is the thing i decided to take home with me as a memory.

Chairs covered

couch and seats were covered.

The other chair covered and now i have a piece of trim left the size of a book mark and i could not be any happier.
This is what the chairs looked like before the make over.

Skirt and Legs

This is the cardboard skirt pattern i have made right at the beginning when i worked out all the measurement of the doll. It will be it in whatever fairly stiff fabric i can find. It won't even matter what colour or design it is because it won't show. The final layer of this doll is going to be hand made felt. I have not made the felt yet, So looking forward to doing it.

What is this? It is the base of the skirt pattern with coat hanger legs. I have decided that the skirt is going to be a stump type of base with legs coming out from starting at the the calves. Long slender feet with boots.

Coat hanger wire is the basis of the legs. The fact is you will not be seeing most of her legs only the bottom part will be showing. Using a wire in one piece attached to the body will help keep it stable. She is going to be on a broom flying with her cat when she is finished.


Left hand. Right hand. paper hand.

Book Search Help Needed

This is a special request. If any of you lovely bloggers that read this in Australia, have any of the Felix books they no longer want, or when you go opp shopping if you could look out for me any of these books i would be so grateful. I have done all the usual searches but cannot at this time pay for the huge sums needed for some of them. They are not for me but for a dear friend. Just send me an e-mail or reply directly to the blog, Thanks!