Monday, November 23, 2009

Softies For Mirabel

What i have done today so far. I have downloaded and printed 5 patterns to use for the Softies For Mirabel Project, stuck them onto cardboard, cut them out, and put them into zip lock bags, asked my boys to a number between 1 and 5 and the answer was 1 so that is the one i started with Blinking Flights an original pattern by Rebecca Dunn.
Sewn two just need to stuff.

Softies Patterns

I thought i would add some links for free patterns that i will be using for the Softies For Mirabel Project Maybe they can inspire you too.
Please respect the designers and don't use the patterns for sale or print the patterns for sale, they are meant to be used for not for profit projects.

Looking forward to putting up pictures when they are done.
Thank you to all the wonderful designers for their generosity in giving us these patterns for free.

Softies For Mirabel

Softies For Mirabel is still happening, and i am going to use some of the fabrics for this because i have until the 10th of December to get them done and in.

Fabric Packs

Look at the two LOVELY parcels of fabric i have recieved from lovely Bloggers for my charity dolls. The Kindness out there amazes me, I won't name the people who sent them too me until i recieve notice that i can
Only this, I really do love all the fabrics, many of which i have never seen before, in fact i have never seen any of it before! Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart you have spurred me on to make some more before the year is out. and for some other charities that are happening out there too.
You truly know the art of giving when it is something you would like to receive yourself, cos all the fabric is delicious.


I wish i was a good photographer, cos this picture taken last night does not do the sunset justice, it was just wonderful, everything has a hot pink blush to it that slowly changed and grew back to normal as the evening went. Very very nice indeed.


Want to win this book?
then go here, to LeKaQuilt and follow the instructions.
Unfortunately although this was only just posted on the blog today it is already finished!