Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brooches and Babies

I just thought i would share this with you,
I have given away so many Santa Pins that i am now short for the Christmas Party that was making them for in the first place, and having been to several Spotlight stores only to find they have ran out of the fabric to make some more i needed a quick solution.
So here it is. Pack of Christmas Tree Decorations 9 for $2.00 + pin backs and hot glue gun = instant pins. I bought 3 packs and now have 27 more pins to give away for Christmas.
What i will need do first is put away those i need for the party and just use the rest to give away, I learned my lesson.
Prezzies for friends and family.
Not another doll, you might say, I made this one yesterday for a friend of mines grand daughter, My friend has been to my house several times and always likes to see the things i have made. Her grand daughter is almost 2 years old, i think she will like it. She is Mauritian/African mix and very beautiful, i wanted to replicate her lovely hair and so i used sound speaker felt. it is thick and slightly knobbly. My friend Will be very surprised cos i told her i was only making them for charity this year. Her dress is from one of the fabrics i was sent and if you look closely you will see that it has french words all over it. Creole is spoken in Mauritius a french dialect.
Now what do I make next?