Friday, July 19, 2013


 This afternoon from Midday until 5pm we had out monthly meeting of Crafternoon.
Tracing, drawing and cutting out and stitching.
 A wonderful hand puppet has come to life, using pure wool and felt and decorative stitching with safety eyes.
 I think he is just too cool for words.
 He will at the end of the year go into the schools' Shoe Box Charity Christmas Drive with more puppets. They enjoyed him so much that he will have a wife to go with him.
Traced out, the paper pattern pieces of the pattern from
cut out and started sewing together is a dragon to take home and finish. I think he will be quite wonderful too! Note the lollies and biscuits to keep us going.
They went home with an assortment of fabrics and teddy bits as well as stencils to trace for future projects. We had just the best time! We just love Crafternoons.